The parent travel platform

TRVLBEES believes that travelling is all about creating magical moments. It’s about spending quality time together, an opportunity to broaden your kids’ horizons, get closer to nature and enjoy other cultures. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the most beautiful and memorable holiday destinations out there.

With my own almost 5 year old twin sons, I know from experience that finding places that are great for you and your kids can be a great challenge. TRVLBEES saves you the trouble and has created a community of likeminded peers who provide each other with a carefully curated collection of stylish family hideaways. After all, it is a great feeling to know that someone personally recommended a property to you.

I was immediately enthusiastic to help Emma and Debby when we spoke about their start up plans. Our first step was to facilitate brand strategy sessions and deliver a focussed brand document. From there we worked on a clear creative brief. Wholebrands made the connection to creative partners WGreen and The Green House to collaborate on brand identity, launch & community strategy and PR.

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