Your very own chief marketing strategist on roughly
a quarter of the budget.

This program is for you if you are outgrowing the start up phase and you are ready to take your marketing seriously. You need professional expertise to get a clear focus for your branding and might be considering to hire a full time chief marketing officer (CMO) but are reluctant to do so, due to the salary and intensive commitment this brings. AND you would probably love to stop doing all the website copy, emailing and Instagram posts all by yourself.

This is where I come in.

In short, I will be your marketing strategist for the coming year. I drive strategic branding and communication for your team so that you can:

  • Professionalize to CMO marketing level. Let your solid brand foundation give you clear focus and guide you now and well into the future.
  • Have the support to make the right marketing and branding decisions for strategic business growth.
  • Create an integrated marketing and communication strategy to scale your brand and achieve your commercial goals.
  • Work with top notch creative teams and deliver on impactful, disruptive and timeless design for your brand identity and communication campaigns.
  • Be an actual change maker and become meaningful in people lives and for mother nature.

You get these benefits on roughly a quarter of the budget that you would usually pay if you were to hire a full time CMO.

marielle_IP27595 lr

During this program you get all the 1 on 1
support you need from me.

– Strategic frameworks, take-home exercises, and coaching to efficiently guide the process from brand positioning to marketing strategy and implementation.
– Create goals and work plans for each step of the process.
– Provide feedback anytime in live strategic sessions and via phone / email.
– Give you the opportunity to actually spend time with your brand and reflect, while at the same time keeping day to day operations moving ahead.
– Head up creation of the brand positioning document and marketing plan.
– Connect you to the best creative agencies from my network that fit your brand’s personality and social mission.
– Create briefings and guide meetings with creative agencies.
– Give feedback on creative work to make sure proposals are in line with your brand’s positioning.
– Help you clarify needs & roles, and help you find and hire the right people for
your internal marketing & communication team.

The big picture plan

We work together over the course of the next year (but preferably more..). This period can be divided into three phases:
1. Brand foundation phase
2. Implementation phase
3. Ongoing strategic consulting

Brand foundation phase (3 months)

This is where we deliver on your brand’s positioning and marketing plan. You get all the needed frameworks, strategic coaching/ feedback by email and phone anytime. We do all the face to face (or zoom) sessions we need. I will share with you the basics of what a brand positioning is and how this positioning works within the context of your company. I will share 2 simple models that guide you through this process.

What this phase delivers:
Brand positioning document (powerpoint) & a marketing and communication
strategy and plan (powerpoint).

marielle_IP13600 lr

Implementation phase (7 months)

This is where we create! The phase every client is excited about. We implement your marketing strategies into successful products on the shelve of just the right supermarket or at just the right client. Your ideal target group gets to experience your stories and products in an impactful way and you are able to scale up your brand and increase your impact. We build a marketing and creative team both inside and outside your company.

We work with a creative team to build an overarching concept and we create beautiful, timeless and disruptive communication means. In this phase you and your team are in the lead and I will guide you and structure the creative process. I make sure your brand positioning is brought to live in an impactful way, by choosing the right creative team, briefing them and helping you give feedback on creative proposals. In this phase my role is to coach your team, monitor your brand essence in the creative work and make sure every communication mean we develop (big or small) is aligned.


This program costs € 2.800,- per month excluding VAT.

What working with me is like

We were at the point that we had made a great start with Ptthee, we were struggling with what’s next. How do we grow this company into a real business and make as much impact as possible? We had lots of ideas but no clear strategy to make proper decisions. 

The biggest result we got from working with Marielle is that we’ve build the foundation for a strong brand and we are now super clear on the steps to take in the coming 2 years. We have a solid, consistent and inspiring brand identity and communication approach. We have lots of answers on who to work with and where we want to sell our products. Working with Marielle is a nice combination of pleasant informal meetings while at the same time achieving high quality output.  

Any business that has validated its business model and is ready to build a strong brand foundation should make the investment in working with Wholebrands. 

Daan van Diepen, co-founder Wilder Land

Marielle has shown us that building a brand is a holistic process where everything is interconnected. She has helped us understand our challenge and build a sound creative briefing. She has shaped and directed the right creative team. Marielle has delivered successfully by maintaining a balance between brand strategic advice and making sure that we kept moving forward in a pragmatic way.

Simon Molenaar, Head of knowledge & education Commonland

The unique feature of Wholebrands is that they give me as a scale up the total marketing management package: brand positioning, marketing & communication strategy and the connection to a team of creative professionals.

Junte Wasmann, CEO Bionexx

We now have a brand positioning document that still guides us everyday

Thami Schweichler, CEO Makers Unite

Marielle has delivered us a crystal clear brand positioning on paper and made sure that we keep repeating it over and over again in a consistent way throughout our communication means.

Thomas Vaaassen, CTO Meridia

Wholebrands 2023