Little ones falling in love with real food

Madaga believes that real, honest food is a lifetime gift that every young child deserves. It is the foundation for a happy and resilient start of their lives.

Food entrepreneur Ingrid Cayet is on a quest to let our children receive just that gift by setting a new standard for real food and healthy eating habits.

Together with her team, she masters the art of turning boring healthy ingredients into mouth-watering recipes kids love to eat. Today, Madaga is the only organic brand for freshly chopped&cooked meals and vegetable spreads on the Dutch market.

Madaga’s current focus is on building their brand in child day care centres. Over 15.000 children are having their taste buds and curiosity tickled with wholesome meals like Ratatouille with mashed potato, Mediterranean fish, Hotpot and Green pea Groentjespret.

Marielle has been working with Ingrid on a continuous basis as strategic brand coach over the last 2 years. Starting with the introduction of Groentjespret from market research al the way to concept development, packaging concept and communication strategy. Followed by a review of the brands positioning and selection of a new creative team.

Most recent project was a new design concept for the Smaaksafari box. With this interactive Smaaksafari box, Madaga introduces veggies to kids at daycare centres in a playful and interactive way.

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