Makers Unite

Making newcomers belong

The story Thami Schweichler, founder of Makers Unite, shared with me about the company he founded, where very inspiring as well as impactful. Due to the personal connection I felt to people who are just like us, but have been forced to make this surreal and hazardous journey across the ocean.

Makers Unite has a unique drive to create a positive vibe around newcomers. Nothing political, serious or sad. But positive stories, shared between newcomers with a background in the creative industries.

They sit around a table together while making beautiful everyday products. Products made from the same life vest that carried them across the ocean. Selling these products offers them a first stepping-stone towards a job and eventually a new life.

Together we found that the core believe of Makers Unite is that we all belong. And if we make newcomers belong here, our communities will thrive with diversity, creative vibes and economic prosperity.

Wholebrands developed a brand positioning for Makers Unite and helped them with their product concepts. We worked on a practical commercial strategy for both the short and long term.

"We now have a brand document I still look at everyday" - Thami Schweichler, CEO Makers UniteĀ 

Thami Schweichler
Photo: Nichon Glerum
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