Moyee coffee

Radically good coffee

Moyee is not your average coffee company. Moyee is a revolution. A FairChain revolution.

FairChain is about sharing more of the value created in coffee producing countries with producing countries. In other words, helping the people who grow coffee enjoy a bigger chunk of the €4 we spend on our cappuccino. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that all that profit stays in the West.

Moyee’s FairChain coffee aims to change all that: one sip at the time.

Moyee’s playful provocation comes from its founder Guido van Staveren van Dijk. Guido is every inch an entrepreneur and we share the firm believe that changing society for the better, begins with clever - and fair- business sense.

We starting working together reviewing Moyee’s brand positioning and updating the brandbook. Wholebrands delivered ongoing strategic advice on various marketing and communication topics, like an update of the brand identity and multi channel sales strategy.


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