Worst done good

A story of three friends turned chefs and sausage makers. On their travels to Italy long time friends Samuel, Geert and Jiri discovered the true art of sausage making. They became inspired by Italian slow-food principled and learned how to make sausages super tasty. But even in Italy, cradle of sausages, the meat was not always of the highest quality.
Back in The Netherlands they started their own sustainable sausage company using only the best local Dutch meat. Innovative sausage varieties, like blue cheese and fir, roll out of their newly opened factory in Amsterdam.

Driven by restoring the balance in the food chain, they only work with local pig famers who respect their animals. Brandt & Levie’s fair production chain is dedicated to using every part of the pig, from head to tail.

Together we reviewed their brand positioning and came up with a clear purpose: worst done good. Wholebrands facilitated strategy sessions and delivered a commercial business plan.


Wholebrands 2023