Bringing landscape and customer needs back into balance

Grounded partners with farmers to address their most pressing problems head-on. They work with them to explore and develop agricultural models that are more sustainable and profitable. Through a thoroughly holistic approach, Grounded systematically develops landscape-scale businesses that produce higher yields while simultaneously having a positive impact on the environment. This way they support the mass restoration of nature and degraded farmland across sub-Saharan Africa.

In inspiring sessions in South Africa and Amsterdam, we first reviewed the brand positioning and strategy as a solid foundation for future product innovations and branding. Then we explored the inspiring territory where we no longer only focus on consumer and customer needs, but on what would benefit our landscapes first. If we put the landscape needs first, what is it that we can deliver to our customers?
We explored a possible introduction of a consumer and/or business to business brand platform, sourcing natural ingredients like essential oils and Honeybush tea.

Today Grounded is a key BtB supplier for natural ingredients from sub-Sahara Africa, servicing social and sustainable brands.

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