Unlocking Land Value

Before I met Meridia founders Simon Ulvund and Thomas Vaassen I never realized just how vital land and especially land ownership is. They experienced first hand in Ghana and Indonesia that for rural communities in upcoming economies, land ownership is the first and most important path to prosperity.

But to prosper from their land, these communities first need to clarify boundaries and leverage its economic potential.

That’s where Meridia comes in. They combine the technological tools and on-the-ground expertise to unlock land potential. From digitally mapping boundaries and validating legal documents to helping secure ownership. Meridia brings much-needed transparency and clarity to the communities that need it most.

Today, Meridia has mapped over 20.000 hectares of land, sold 5.000 products and touched the lives of 30.000 people in Ghana and Indonesia.

The company started out as Landmapp, a clear and descriptive brand name, but not fit for the rapidly growing company. Meridia goes beyond land mapping itself, it illustrates that land is a key starting point for prosperity.

Our challenge was to review and clarify the brand’s positioning. Wholebrands delivered a brand positioning document, creative brief and brand book. We worked both strategic and very pragmatic on the first global communication means: short- and long copy, the new website, visual and photography guidelines, PR and slide deck.

"Marielle has delivered us a crystal clear brand positioning on paper and made sure that we keep repeating it over and over again in a consistent way throughout our communication means" - Thomas Vaaassen CTO Meridia


Wholebrands 2023