4 Returns landscape regeneration platform

Enabling landscape professionals to initiate and sustain their restoration projects

The 4returns.earth platform is a Commonland initiative aiming to scale up landscape restoration based on the 4Returns among 1000+ landscape initiatives.

This platform is a first prototype, developed in collaboration with ENABLE partners and the IKEA foundation. The 4 Returns platform connects you to a like-minded global community that shares ideas, tools, publications, events and stories. It also offers two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) via Coursera.

Marielle’s role was to carve out the brand strategy for the platform, select and support a creative team and review the designs and copy.

"Marielle has shown us that building a brand is a holistic process where everything is interconnected. She has helped us understand our challenge and build a sound creative briefing. She has shaped and directed the right creative team. Marielle has delivered successfully on this project by maintaining a balance between brand strategic advice and making sure that we kept moving forward in a pragmatic way." Simon Molenaar, Head of knowledge & education Commonland

 Visit 4returns.earth and create an account here.

  • Project- and webdevelopment The Plant , Marieke Karssen
  • Communication and Social Media The Plant , Weruschca Kirkegaard

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