Nature’s entrepreneurs cultivate tomorrow’s Dutch landscape

At first sight, our typical Dutch landscape looks like it always has: meadows, meandering rivers, flatlands, windmills and cows.

But Wij.land’s John van Duursen and Danielle de Nie experience everyday that our landscape is heavily degraded. This degradation of land affects us in all elements of our existence. For instance, our food becomes less nutritious. Everyday, 4 farmers quit due to financial pressure and lack of succession. We experience loss of biodiversity and together we pay the price for water management and conservation of nature.

Wij.land believes it’s time to make our landscapes great again. They envision regenerative landscapes with healthy ecosystems, nutritious food, clean air&water and a stable climate. Great landscapes, where working together with nature results in economic prosperity and happiness. Wij.land works with the science based and international proven 4 returns approach for holistic landscape restoration, developed by Commonland.

Wij.land collaborates with farmers and landholders in various projects. Please check wij.land for more details.

Our role
Wholebrands worked in interactive strategy sessions with Wij.land on finding their brand’s psychology. We captured their unique personality in a brand document, supported by the team and stakeholders. We developed a communication strategy and creative brief for their visual identity, website and brand activation. We connected Wij.land to visual design agency Thonik and strategically reviewed all creative work.


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