Unlocking the value of unique Malagasy ingredients for its nature and communities

In the case of malaria, which kills an estimated 400,000 each year, nature offers today’s most promising cure. In the battle against malaria, almost all roads lead to Artemisinin Combined Therapies (ACTs). Artemisinin the main active molecule is extracted from the plant Artemisia Annua (AA), a life-saving herbal pharmaceutical discovered by the Nobel Prize winning chemist Tu Youyou.

As Africa’s only industrial producer of Artemisinin , Bionexx is leading a new generation of natural anti-malarial drugs. The company currently cultivates AA with 15,000 smallholder farmers in Madagascar, who earn an average 40% per year more than without this additional income stream. These smallholders supply Bionnexx with enough AA to produce Artemisinin, which I used for 50 million Malaria treatments per year.

Bionexx is exploring to scale up their business towards other ingredients and new markets, while at the same time regenerating the landscape and its communities. One promising ingredient is quinine, supplied in a sustainable way from a local Malagasy value chain.

Wholebrands is currently in the process of repositioning the brand fit for it ambition to become the key sustainable supplier of local Malagasy ingredients.

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"The unique feature of Wholebrands is that they give a start-or scale up the total marketing management package: brand positioning, marketing & communication strategy and the connection to an internal- and external team of creative professionals" - Junte Wasmann CEO Bionexx. 

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