Super shells for a cleaner and more beautiful world

Jasper Gabrielse and I first spoke about Seepje because of their urgent need for a new bottle for their range of liquid detergent.

This young brand, founded by Jasper Gabrielse and Melvin Loggies, represents the most natural way of doing your laundry in The Netherlands. They discovered that locals have used the shells from the Sapindus mukorossi tree in Nepal for decades to wash their clothing. If they can do that in Nepal, why not in The Netherlands?

So they scraped together their college tuition fee and found an innovative detergent that washes your clothing clean in the most natural way, while also strengthening local Nepalese communities. Inspired by their story, enthusiasm and perseverance Marielle was eager to help them grow their brand.

Wholebrands kicked of with a pragmatic review of the brand’s positioning and brand values. Marielle made a connection to well known packaging design experts Marcel Verhaaf (iconic packaging design) and Ronald Lewerissa (Flex design 3D packaging). The tone of voice and the original packaging created by Heldergroen was the basis for the new bottle.

In a great team effort and some nice pressure cooker sessions in Seepjes’ laundry room, Ronald presented a winning design made from 96% recycled DHPE plastic. These new bottles are made of used English milk bottles (about 150.000 of them each year). His innovative design won an NL Packaging Award and a Pentaward.

Last year Seepje also introduced a range of cleaning products in the new iconic bottles. In the following months Wholebrands supplied Seepje with ongoing marketing and communication expertise.

Today, Seepje is a successful social enterprise with a productrange of 9 items available in 1100 stores in The Netherlands and Belgium.


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