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We believe that brands actually making an impact are holistic brands. This is why we call them Wholebrands. Working for these brands over the last years, Marielle has learned that they balance 3 key principles: ethics + aesthetics + economics.

In other words, they are sincerely dedicated to making positive change in societies and they are able to do so because they also embrace great timeless design and clever commercial business sense.

Let me share my experience with you in an inspirational talk for your team. For more information or booking click here.

Brand Positioning

In 3-4 half day strategy sessions we capture the psychology of your brand in a brand document.

We always start with soul searching. Only from the core purpose of your brand, we can become impactful and profitable. We define who you are and what your brands ambitions are for the future.

What are your key drivers and how are they relevant for people, the planet and your business?

This purpose is the foundation for company strategy and communication concept and design. This is were it all begins. If you have a clear and strong purpose it magnetizes people from in- and outside your company, because it communicates with people on an emotional level.

Brand document


Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Sales
In this stage we define your business goals and marketing strategy. What is your expected sales and impact? Are your product propositions, innovations and sales channels in line with your brand and ambition? We translate these strategies into a pragmatic short term plan.

Knowing why your story is relevant and to whom, is key before we start creating and spending. In this stage we make a creative brief containing our target audience, tone of voice, key message and communication target.

– Marketing & Sales Strategy and plan
– Communication Strategy and briefing
– Integrated Communication Calendar


Artdirection and connection to likeminded designers and creatives.

Now that you know what you want, we help you find the best creative minds that fit your brand and message. We believe that every assignment comes with its own creative team. Wholebrands has a network of likeminded creatives, designers and agencies. We help you find the best match and provide art direction towards great and impactful design.

Deliverables artdirection towards:
– Visual identity (name, logo)
– Campaigns
– Packaging Design
– Social Media Strategy


Brand Walk

Did you ever think to yourself ‘I would love to find some time to focus on growing my brand and see the bigger picture?’ Now is your chance to take a step back, reflect and seed some new ideas for your brand strategy in a relaxing way.

You are invited for a 2 hour Brand Walk in nature. We walk together, enjoy the fresh air and you can ask me anything about your brand. Being outside will make us more focussed, inspired and it will boost our creativity.

What is your brands’ positioning? What about your branding excites you the most? What is your marketing objective and how can I help you achieve it? Or do you have a brilliant idea you would like to run by me.

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