Whether you are a start up, scale up or multinational in your everyday business it can be hard to zoom out and dedicate time to growing your brand. These workshops are half-day sessions, we either focus on your brand positioning or marketing & communication.

Kickstart your brand positioning workshop:
This workshop is about getting in touch with the personality, purpose and drivers of your brand. Who is your brand and how is it relevant for the people around you?

This purpositioning is the core foundation for your brand. This is were it all begins. Your company’s mantra. Whether you are asking yourself which direction to go with marketing, sales, your team or product innovation, the answer always starts with why you are here. If you have a clear and strong purpose it magnetizes people from in- and outside your company.

Marketing manager for a day workshop:
What if we were the owner of your brand for just this day? What would we do to grow your brand? This workshop is about your marketing and communication strategy. This is a flexible workshop, depending on the key challenges and opportunities we see.

The topics that you can think of for this workshop:
– How can we translate your purpose into concrete strategies for innovation, products, marketing and sales?
– Integrated communication strategy and concept
– Review your current communication means and optimise your communication efficiency, consistentie and creation

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