Wilder Land

Creating a Wilder Land with herbal tea

Rewilding. No longer placing ourselves outside nature, but working alongside each other. We can reconnect to ourselves and nature in a very simple way: drinking herbal tea sowed and harvested on vacant farm lots. Contributing to Wilder Land’s clear mission: increasing local biodiversity, while at the same time brewing a delicious variety of tea blends and giving farmers an extra source of income.

Wilder land is a proud example of a brand initiated in nature, while at the same time sparking contemporary and differentiating design and creation.

Together with Wilder Land founders Daan van Diepen and Matthijs Westerwoudt Wholebrands has re-positioned the brand (formerly known as Ptthee), focusing on the concept of re-wilding. Because to improve biodiversity we must reconnect to nature and rewild ourselves and our landscape.

We set out to position ourselves as a nature inclusive, wild and quirky brand as opposed to other tea brands positioned around wellbeing. We embraced values like working as nature’s entrepreneurs and NO MONO (choosing biodiversity and diversity in general over monoculture).

With the brand essence in mind, we built a clear roadmap to scale up the brand. Defining a strategy for the brand’s assortment and pricing. We created a differentiating sales strategy for healthy but steady growth matching the brand’s connection to nature. We built a communication strategy and content calendar choosing our communication means and activating the brand in line with the natural seasonal flow of sowing, cultivating and harvesting.

Marielle connected Wilder Land to …,Staat. The team shared our connection to nature and we were confident that based on our clear creative briefing, they would bring the brand to the next creative level. And so they did. Wilder Land was born, our new brand name and contemporary brand world capturing our mission perfectly.

Today we support Wilder Land on an ongoing basis with strategic marketing advice; this way we keep growing and delivering on the impact they envision.

Wilder Land

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