Join us on August 27th 2021 for 1 afternoon retreat to define a clear brand strategy and get inspired by likeminded regenerative entrepreneurs.

You’re a social entrepreneur with a huge vision and ambition. You have developed a great product and the first consumers love it.  You’re working so hard to put it all out there and reach the right people. You are eager to professionalise your marketing efforts but due to limited resources your are doing it all by yourself. From the strategy to the social media post. So how to break the cycle and start being a commercial success and generate impact?

First of all, you need to create space to reflect on:

  • where your brand is at and focus on what’s truly important
  • become clear on who your brand is 
  • what your brand strategy is and which are your next steps to take
  • the ecosystem of professionals you need to implement your plans in a disruptive way
  • Learn from other entrepreneurs on the same regenerative path

And then you can start scaling up your brand to deliver on the impact you envision.

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What are we going to do?

In this 1 morning retreat, you will become clear on the strategic foundation your brand needs to grow into a brand with actual impact AND commercial success. You will:

  • Take time to slow down and reflect on your brand guided by a professional brand strategist and business coach.
  • Reflect on your brand and gain brand strategic advice on your next steps.
  • Get to know the powerful Wholebrands framework.
  • Get to know and learn from other regenerative entrepreneurs.
  • Experience a nice combination of structure and flow.
  • Learn to unlock your own unique wisdom about your brand.

I am driven to give you the tools you need to make your brand meaningful in people’s lives and growing it into a Unilever 2.0. Your brand is like a natural ecosystem, it takes a team of just the right people to take it to that next level. And when this happens, not only does your business thrive, but you, as a social entrepreneur, thrive. Your brand is impactful and has meaning in people’s lives. It gives them an action perspective. Your brand becomes what I call a WHOLEBRAND.

What is included?

This brand strategy retreat includes:

  • Short preparation on the first essentials I need to know about your brand to make the most out of our time together.
  • 1 on 1 intake session to gain knowledge about your brand and define some key focus area’s  (zoom call).
  • Small group retreat session on August 27th 2021 from 15:00 to 17:30 with 4-6 social entrepreneurs guided by business coach Tom Elffers and myself where you will learn about the brand strategic steps to take to grow your brand.
  • Our session will be at Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen, an inspiring small farm and restaurant in Amsterdam with a social mission. They will serve us delicious vegetarian snacks, coffee and tea.
  • 1 on 1 follow up (zoom call) to define the next steps for your brand and become practical.
  • Feel free to call/email me anytime during August/September 2021 for strategic questions about your brand.
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Is this for you?

This retreat is for entrepreneurs on a mission to build a regenerative future together. You are in the start- or scale up phase. You have developed and brought to market a consumer goods or retail product with an undeniable positive impact on people and nature.

Price: €450,- excluding VAT

Will you join us? Apply now for an intake session with Marielle.

What working with me is like

We were at the point that we had made a great start with Ptthee, we were struggling with what’s next. How do we grow this company into a real business and make as much impact as possible? We had lots of ideas but no clear strategy to make proper decisions. 

The biggest result we got from working with Marielle is that we’ve build the foundation for a strong brand and we are now super clear on the steps to take in the coming 2 years. We have a solid, consistent and inspiring brand identity and communication approach. We have lots of answers on who to work with and where we want to sell our products. Working with Marielle is a nice combination of pleasant informal meetings while at the same time achieving high quality output.  

Any business that has validated its business model and is ready to build a strong brand foundation should make the investment in working with Wholebrands. 

Daan van Diepen, co-founder Ptthee

Marielle has shown us that building a brand is a holistic process where everything is interconnected. She has helped us understand our challenge and build a sound creative briefing. She has shaped and directed the right creative team. Marielle has delivered successfully by maintaining a balance between brand strategic advice and making sure that we kept moving forward in a pragmatic way.

Simon Molenaar, Head of knowledge & education Commonland

The unique feature of Wholebrands is that they give me as a scale up the total marketing management package: brand positioning, marketing & communication strategy and the connection to a team of creative professionals.

Junte Wasmann, CEO Bionexx

We now have a brand positioning document that still guides us everyday

Thami Schweichler, CEO Makers Unite

Marielle has delivered us a crystal clear brand positioning on paper and made sure that we keep repeating it over and over again in a consistent way throughout our communication means.

Thomas Vaaassen, CTO Meridia