Marielle Horst-Gussenhoven founded Wholebrands in 2014.

When I left the traditional marketing world, I had a strong urge to build good brands. Brands in a continuous pursuit to make the world a more beautiful place. But how do they do it?

To me, good brands are holistic brands. This is how the name Wholebrands was born. Wholebrands connect 3 key elements: social purpose, clever business sense and beautiful design and creation.

I grew a strong commercial background at companies like Nestlé and Albert Heijn and combine it today with a growing track record in building young social brands like Marie-Stella-Maris and Yoni. Educated a psychologist, I enjoy putting your brand up for some soul searching and discover its key drivers and purpose. I like to grasp what moves people and have a keen eye for design and aesthetics.

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